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Dota 2: Six basic facts about this game

If you are interested in 'Dota 2', but you have no idea what this game, we recommend you read this note.

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Dota 2 has become one of the most popular games worldwide, with more than nine million subscribers. Its popularity has increased thanks to striking professional tournaments, which spread to millions of dollars in prizes, depending on the importance.

If you are interested in learning about 'Dota 2', we throw five basic data that any 'noob' should know before entering the game.

1. Dota 2 is a free online game, produced by the company 'Valve'. This game is the sequel to 'Dota', an extension of 'Wartcraft 3' created by the same fans. The acronym derived from the phrase 'Dota'.

2. The game only has a map, divided in half. Each half of the field is defended by a team of five players, which must destroy the enemy's base before the opposite occurs. This field has three lines protected by towers and base, which are at the ends of the map. This is a team game, but if you do not know anyone not have to worry, because the system will look five companions at random.

3. To play, each user must choose a hero. There are more than 100 options, each with different characteristics, as each character has at least four unique powers. Depending on the hero you choose in each game, you will assume a role on your team, so, despite always played on the same map, each game is different by the great of possible combinations between the characters.

4. Each hero can be reinforced by items that can be built along a game. The items you buy will depend on the type of hero you have, becoming more attractive to the game with dota 2 bets.

5. If you're bored with the look of your hero, do not worry, because you have the option to customize it. To do that you have two options: Level up so that you give away items, or buy in the store 'Dota 2' among the rarest object, its price is higher. However, if you do not like niguno of objects offered, you can create your own and upload them to the workshop 'Steam' (program you need to download Dota); and if you get a lot of votes, by the user, your creation can be included in the game for use by all players.

6. If you are good enough, and you get to form a team, you can get to compete in professional tournaments. Dota 2 has a world tournament called 'The International', which rewarded, the last winner, with five million dollars.