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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Review

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music mobile phone is Nokia’s first touch screen handset and by the looks of it you would think they had been making them for years. However, when I think of the Xpress Music range I think of bad mobile phones, I think of little excitement and an average music player, I think of a lack of consumer demand. So how will this one fair?

Well, I think the first place to start is the touch screen seen as it is a new addition. It is fairly big but narrow, much narrower than the iPhone 3Gs, it offers a full QWERTY keyboard which will change from portrait to landscape dependant on which way you hold the phone. The screen is 640×360 which is the same as the popular and feature rich Nokia N97 and Mini. As for how the touch screen reacts to your instructions it isn’t so hot and probably one of the poorer touch screens on the market.

That said this Xpress Music player is far better than previous devices and has much to offer, for example the hot keys give you immediate access to all your tunes and music features leaving no navigation issues or waiting around. The 5800 comes with a massive 8GB of memory which will grow to 16GB with an additional card so plenty of room for all your tunes. There’s an FM raidio for if you want to catch up with Moyles on your way home from work. But having used it it’s hard to say whether it is as good as the iPhone, personally I think neither is better than the other, they are just…different!

Most of you who read my reviews regularly will notice I usually get upset if a phone has a camera less than 5 mega pixels but here I have to be proved wrong. The Nokia 5800 only has a 3.2 mega pixel camera yet on the face of it I would be happy personally, and that’s because it has an LED flash auto focus and Carl Zeiss optics which pretty much blows the iPhone 3Gs out of the water – a phone which I own I might add.

For connectivity the 5800 is up with the big boys in the premier league, 3G and Wi-Fi make internet browsing swift and effortless meaning information and social networking is never too far away. It also has GPS and access to Nokia Maps. Like the Nokia N97 and N97 mini the 5800’s internet browser supports flash which puts it ahead of the iPhone in my book. The 5800 also supports email which is useful but unlike some of the other Nokia family members it doesn’t support office attachments.

I have to say having used the 5800 I was shocked, I had judged a book by it’s cover and I had been proved wrong. My advice is don’t judge a book by it’s cover and turn the first page. But the underlying issue with this phone for me is the case in which it comes in, it’s odd, it is thin but fat, the depth of the phone is quite chunky and makes it weird looking. Some, however, might find that attractive on it so I have to accept that this is just an opinion of mine. The think I cant get over though is the plastic feel of the outer casing, I feel if I drop it it will shatter into a million pieces. Don’t let this put you off though as the consumer has spoken, the Nokia 5800 has been one of the best selling phones of 2009 and continues to sell well in early 2010. Good effort from Nokia on this one 7/10.