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MHC and OEMs are going to place online casino servers in Belarus

MHC and OEMs develop the concept of placing online gambling servers that are registered in Belarus, he said today during an online conference on the BelTA website Minister of Taxes and Duties Sergei Nalivaiko.
"MHC in conjunction with the High-Tech Park is working on the concept of online gambling on servers that are registered in Belarus. According to our estimates, a very high stage of readiness of the concept, but unfortunately, some time horizon to draw, I can not ", - said the Minister.

Sergei Nalivaiko stressed that while players will not feel any inconvenience in terms of quality of service and familiar to them the services that they receive in foreign markets.

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According to the Minister of Taxes and Levies, a proportion of those declaring their income with winnings in online games to overseas Internet sites. "Take the money and not be able to use them - funny. In addition, given that now the age of information technology, a lot of information databases is monitored and analyzed by the Ministry, many of these wastes are visible and transparent. These analyzes may, until the extent in which we would like, but we're working on it ", - he explained.

Speaking on the introduction of income tax to 4% on winnings from gambling organizers, Sergei Nalivaiko said that it was the initiative of the MHC. "We looked at the results of 2014 the work of some gambling houses, casinos, where the composite taxation. There is a fixed payment from the gaming tables, plus tax on casino profits from gains made between the rates and payable. Delta, which is taxed at 4%. We noticed that a number of casinos, in our opinion, for the purpose of understating income tax to make payments is not quite clear to individuals, thereby overstating its costs. These were, for example, individuals from Chechnya, Dagestan and other regions, where almost impossible to get feedback. Thus, the income tax was underestimated, "- he said. The Minister stressed that innovation will align the rules for all gambling establishments.

The Minister also said that the number of casinos and slot machine halls in Belarus reduced bookmakers - is growing.
"On December 1, 2015 in the Republic operated 26 casinos, 210 arcades and 251 bookmaker. Compared with the same date last year, the number of casinos has decreased by 6, arcades - at 41, the number of betting shops has increased by 26 units, "- said the Minister.