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Trimmer for beard and mustache

For some men, facial hair is a source of pride, for others a source of problems. Anyway, everyone is forced in any way to take care of it - clean shave or grow a beard and mustache. The latter option is particularly suitable for men with sensitive skin when shaving every time inevitably accompanied by irritation. But for the beard and mustache also need constant care - they need to be constantly cut, remove excess hair, or else run the risk of a well-groomed appearance.

Just a couple of decades ago, men coped with this task using normal scissors. The result, of course, controversial, but there was no alternative. You can, of course, do so now, you can trust this responsible business professionals and regular visits to the salon. However, this option also has some disadvantages.

Firstly, it is quite expensive when it comes to a good salon, and not on the provincial hairdresser, and secondly, it requires more expensive and time consuming, and, thirdly, that perhaps the most important - is an open question of hygiene - shearing shaving and there is a risk of cuts, and the instrument is rarely sterilized after each client.

Putting all the nuances, risks and costs, it can be concluded that the best option care facial hair - the acquisition of the trimmer for beard and mustache.

Trimmer for a hairstyle of a beard - description and purpose

Electric beard trimmer and mustache is a compact device allows you to easily and quickly cut the hair at the same level. Qualitative beard trimmer with nozzles produced by reputable firms will allow trim mustache and beard length at the same level, to shave unwanted hair, as well as to form a curly beard model with little effort and no hairdressing skills.

To date, the store offers a variety of models of different companies, so opt for a particular model can be very difficult. We offer you a list of criteria that should be considered when choosing a beard trimmer.

Grade. Good trims are equipped with a number of additional bits, allowing not only to shave and model mustache, beards and sideburns, but also cut eyebrows, equate hair on the neck, as well as unwanted hair in the nose and ears. Also, pay attention to the fact that in the kit was a special brush to facilitate care unit.

Ergonomics. Hold different models in hand, note how convenient handle trimmer in the hand and does not slip any.

Type of food. It is advisable to choose a model which provides both AC power and battery. This will provide an opportunity to use it outside the home and where is difficult to find an outlet. If you spend much time in the car, consider the power trimmer from an automobile cigarette lighter.

It is better to give preference to shave the beard trimmer with replaceable floating ceramic blades. They do not require lubrication and is easily washed with water.

In order to make a shave and a haircut more hygienic and then collect small hairs everywhere, should pay attention to the presence of vacuum suction function, which will solve this problem.
Device with built-in lighting will make shaving more accurate and not miss any even the smallest hair.

If you are not sure which to choose beard trimmer - professional or home use, answer the advertising slogan: "Why pay more?". The main difference between a professional tool and just a good quality trimmer only in the fact that the first mode is designed for long-term continuous operation.

We should also mention the shaver with beard trimmer - this multi-functional devices that combine the convenience and cleanliness of shaving with the possibilities of modeling and haircuts.

The man, who prefer to shave, as a gift, you can choose an electric razor, and for getting rid of unwanted hair in the nose and ears - a special trimmer.