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The Somnus Sleep Shirt

The Somnus Sleep Shirt was born out of research performed at MIT in collaboration with Dr. Bianchi at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The idea was to create a simple device that could measure sleep in a comfortable manner while at home. We have found that a shirt is a natural choice in a sleep setting, as many people currently sleep with an undershirt. While the shirt itself is no more than a substrate to put our sensors on, we use extremely lightweight and breathable material to allow users to move freely throughout the night and maintain maximum comfort.


Sensor embedded on the shirt

At the heart of the Somnus Sleep Shirt is the embedded sensors. Direct from MIT's research labs come our extremely thin and flexible respiration sensors. Each sensor is placed to measure local respiration as a user moves around in bed. Because our sensors are made out of common t-shirt vinyl, not only are they extremely thin and comfortable, they can be applied to almost any type of fabric.


The SleepLogger shown for size comparison

Our custom SleepLogger fits in a small pocket at the bottom of the Sleep Shirt and powers the sensors throughout the night. Although the logger is no bigger than your typical car key fob, it can record data for up to 5 nights. Each time you connect the SleepLogger to the shirt it automatically starts recording your sleep data, and when it is charged in the morning, your data is automatically and securely transferred to our website, where we can analyze your sleep health.