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April 14, 2011

Last night yielded a lot of interesting data. First you can notice that until 1:45am I was either in REM sleep or an incredibly light sleep. My guess is the latter as I fell asleep with the TV on last night, something I normally don�t do. I went to bed at 1:15 and put the TV on a 30 minute sleep timer. Sure enough, at 1:45 you can see a blip in my sleep and then I start to progress into deeper sleep. You can also see me wake up briefly at 3:20 when my roommate stumbled in. We are working quickly on new ways to present this data more clearly so stay tuned.

April 13, 2011

So not only was I completely wiped out yesterday, I had to give a presentation this morning at the DMD conference and was a little stressed out. I was wondering how the combination of being both incredibly tired and stressed was going to affect my sleep. I got to sleep fairly quickly but after 45 minutes, my roommate came into the room and woke me up, pulling me back to a light sleep (I don't remember this but my roommate swears I talked to him). It took a while to get a good REM cycle started and it seems that I stayed in light sleep for most of the night. Either way, I woke up really tired but I did well on my presentation.

April 12, 2011

This week I'm traveling to Minnesota for a medical design conference and I was very interested to see how well I would sleep in a hotel. Normally I sleep like a baby in a hotel (so many more pillows) and last night I felt that I slept extremely well. But the data doesn't lie and it looks like I was in light sleep for most of the night. I was in light sleep almost continually until 4:15 when I had my first REM cycle. At 5:30 I also had one of the longest REM cycles I've seen so far, but then was tossing in and out of wake from 6:30 on.

April 10, 2011

Last night I tried something new and watched a movie before I went to bed. It looks like my breathing while watching a movie is very similar to REM sleep. It also seems that I woke up around 5:30 for a brief period. It is interesting that while it looks like I was awake for about 15 min, I dont remember it at all.

April 7, 2011

I didn't end up going to sleep last night until 3, but I did finally get a full 9+ hours of sleep! I fell asleep very quickly and stayed that way. It looks like I had a good REM cycle falling into REM at 6 and 10 and maybe 8:15am. I set my alarm for 10:30 and went in and out of sleep while hitting my snooze button.

April 6, 2011

While I'm still not getting nearly enough sleep (about 6:30 hours), it seems I slept a bit better tonight. I wore the shirt for a good hour before going to bed while I watched the Daily Show, so it looks like it only took me 15-30 min to fall asleep. And boy did I sleep, it looks like I had a solid two and a half hours of deep uninterrupted sleep before going into my first REM cycle! I still woke up fairly tired though (slept through a good portion of my first class this morning), I may try and take a nap tonight.

Bonus: Mid-day nap

Besides our testing in the sleep lab, this is the first nap that I have taken with the shirt. I was fairly tired so I didn't think falling asleep on the couch would be an issue. After about half an hour though, I was still awake when I got a phone call. I switched the TV over to the Masters golf tournament and that did wonders; it seems I was lights out after 15 min. While most of it was really light sleep, I took a solid hour nap and may have even started to enter REM towards the end.

April 5, 2011

I'm not exactly sure what happened to the data between hours 4.5-5, but it seems that I chose a poor night to start posting my data online. Even though I was dead tired, because my roommates were watching a movie next door, it took me almost an hour to finally fall asleep. In this case it seems my sleep graphs show how I felt in the morning, and that's terrible. I don't usually wake up throughout the night but I remember waking up at least 3 times last night. Luckily it seems that I dropped into a long period of deep sleep right away, and had some nice periods of deep sleep throughout the night. But it is a little disconcerting how little REM sleep I got last night. I'm looking forward to seeing how I sleep tonight!