Apple will change everything: USB-C on iPhone 15, AirPods and other accessories

The future of Apple products is characterized by the USB-C port, destined to replace the Lightning one. This is the scenario that emerges from two recent reports by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo: one released last week which focused on iPhone 15 and the other arrived yesterday with which Kuo focuses on future Apple accessories.

The analyst explains that Apple’s original project, which is to create an iPhone completely devoid of ports and connectorsis complicated by the current limitations of wireless technologies and a MagSafe ecosystem that is not yet sufficiently mature. So set aside this hypothesis, Apple would only have to choose a more modern and widespread connector than Lightning, a choice that would inevitably fall on the USB-C.

If it has been said of the iPhone 15 with a USB-C port, Kuo’s latest prediction also extends this novelty to future accessories from the Cupertino house, starting with the popular AirPods earphones:

Other products with Lightning ports (eg AirPods, Magic Keyboard / Trackpad / Mouse, MagSafe Battery) will also switch to USB-C in the near future.

The timing of the launch of the various accessories is to be defined, but probably the transition to the new standard could come to life with the arrival of the iPhone 15 range expected towards the end of next year.

After all, in the future, Apple does not have much choice given that Asia is moving forward with the legislative process that will make the USB-C charging connector the standard one for many electronic devices. If all goes as planned, USB-C will be a necessary solution next year; the alternative will be to completely give up on any door but, as mentioned, the technology is not yet mature to do it in an optimal way.


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