The Best Minimalist Monitor Stands in 2020

If you spend hours of your time on your computer and you have noticed that you are straining your eyes, neck, or back, it may be a good time to consider investing in a stand for your monitor. Monitor stands lift your monitor to eye-level which is considered the optimal height so that you can sit at a comfortable angle for your neck and back without straining your eyes to focus downwards.

Not only does a desk monitor stand help you to feel more physically comfortable, but choosing a minimalist style monitor stand can also give you much needed extra space at your desk by lifting a large or bulky monitor stand up and creating extra desk space beneath it. A less cluttered space will also make you feel calmer and will improve the overall look of your workspace.

You would also want to choose something that meets your style requirements, and there are so many different ones to choose from. We are going to explore many of the options available, compare their most important features, and help you keep your space and your mind clutter-free so that you feel confident in choosing the best minimalist monitor stand for you.

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What Should I Look for When Buying a Minimalist Monitor Stand?

Criteria #1: It is important to make sure that the monitor stand is designed for the number of monitors you will be using, fits the size of your monitor, will hold the required weight, and will fit on your desk.

Criteria #2: Consider choosing a height-adjustable stand if you are very tall or short, so that you can make sure that the monitor is at your eye-level.

Criteria #3: Choose monitor stands that look minimalistic and also have extra storage spaces for a relaxing, clutter-free environment.

Criteria #4: Lastly, choose a design and color that suits your personal taste and room decor.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Minimalistic Monitor Stands

To determine which are the best minimalistic monitor stands that will suit your needs, taste, and budget, we have researched and compared products based on their minimalistic features, ergonomic design, price, and aesthetics. We have also chosen products with the most stellar reviews and the least complaints so that we can ensure customer satisfaction.

#1: Tribesigns 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The Tribesigns 3 shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle is an Amazon’s Choice product and our #1 pick for the best value and all-purpose minimalist monitor riser. This product has so much versatility and can either fit a single monitor in the middle shelf or up to 3 monitors in total (most models can only fit one or two monitors).

It is available in white or black to suit your personal taste. The ergonomic design of this monitor stand, allows your monitor to be positioned at eye-level for maximum comfort for your eyes, neck, and back. It is length adjustable from 42 inches to about 50 inches, and the angle of the two outer shelves is inwardly adjustable to suit any angle you may want your other screens to face you, or to fit your desk space (other monitor stands are not adjustable in length or angles).

If you require some extra storage, there is plenty of space to store your extra items neatly underneath the shelves. This monitor stand is built from strong, durable engineered wood and is scratch-resistant and waterproof to ensure its longevity. Made to hold 3 monitors, this monitor stand can withstand a very heavy load (this monitor stand can hold a much heavier load than most other models).

All edges are nicely rounded to prevent any unintended scratches on your skin from a sharp corner. The sleek minimalistic design of this stand, even with 3 monitors, will ensure that your space is tidy and uncluttered. This monitor stand is easy to assemble with predrilled holes and comes with an assembly tool. Another bonus is that this product is very affordable. The dimensions of this stand are 50 x 7.8 x 3.3 inches.

If you are looking for a monitor stand that is not only stylish and minimalistic but can also hold up to 3 monitors at adjustable angles, then this is the monitor stand for you. The reviews of this product are fantastic, and many people love the versatility, style, and affordable price of this monitor stand.

#2: Twelve South Hirise Pro for Monitors (Best Stand)

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If you are looking for a single monitor stand with all the bells and whistles, and don’t mind paying a higher price, our number #2 pick the Twelve South Hirise Pro for Monitors, Height Adjustable Stand with Storage, Reversible Front, and Leather Inlay will make you smile. For the ultimate in elegant minimalistic monitor stands, this stand wastes absolutely no extra space on your desk.

This is an adjustable monitor stand with four height positions up to 3.66 inches, which allows you to find your perfect height. The height is adjusted via a built-in support shelf that is fully enclosed. Within the enclosed space is a storage space to hold all your essential equipment such as a hard drive, phone, keys, and wallet. The access to these internal shelves is covered by a gorgeous magnetic grill with open spaces to make sure your hard drive remains cool in the enclosure. The grill is reversible and has the option of either a walnut or aluminum finish, which allows you to express yourself and your own unique style.

The surface area of the monitor stand is lined with rich leather, which helps to protect your valuables such as your phone or glasses from scratching on the aluminum surface. The back has an open space to neatly organize all your cables. The dimensions of this monitor stand are 10″ L x 9.75″ W x 8.5″ H.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product

You have a higher budget and you want a high-quality, height-adjustable monitor stand so that your monitor can be adjusted to eye-level for your optimal comfort (other monitor stands are not adjustable).

Reason #2 to Choose This Product

You are looking for an absolutely no space wasted, a very minimalistic monitor stand that won’t take up any extra room on your desk (other models don’t have built-in storage space creating zero wasted space).

Reason #3 to Choose This Product

You love the elegant leather tray feature to protect your items from scratches and like to change up your options to express your unique style with the walnut or gunmetal reversible grill (other models don’t have a leather tray or a reversible storage door).

If you are looking to express yourself with the best of the best in terms of style and space-saving features, and appreciate the height-adjustment feature, this is a great option. The reviews of this product are excellent, with many people very satisfied with the style, quality, and clutter-free storage features. Some people complained about the price being high but admitted it was a great quality product.

#3: VonHaus Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand (Best Dual Monitor Stand)

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The VonHaus Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand – Adjustable-Height Multiple-Screen Riser is an excellent choice if you are looking for a dual monitor stand. This dual stand is constructed to comfortably fit two computer monitors and is made from very modern and elegant curved black tempered glass. The tempered glass is 5 times stronger than regular glass and can hold an impressive capacity of 66 lbs.

The curved area allows you to place this monitor stand flat against the wall and still have space for all your cables to neatly fit through the curve. Alternatively, the curved area can be used front-facing for an attractive and stylish look.

This monitor stand has a narrow design to get the most out of your desk space and ample space underneath to store all of your extras. The tubular aluminum legs are height-adjustable from 3.5 inches to 4.3 inches by simply twisting the feet of the legs, allowing you to adjust this dual monitor stand to your eye-level and maximum comfort position.

This product is a great choice for your home or office desk and is easily wiped clean and easy to assemble. The dimensions of this dual monitor stand are 27.56″ L x 9.45″ W x 4.33″ H.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product

You have two computer monitors and want one dual monitor stand to hold them both (most monitor stands only hold a single monitor).

Reason #2 to Choose This Product

If you want to place your monitor screen flush against a wall to make the most of your desk space (other models don’t have the curved design allowing your cables to fit through and allow you to place your stand flush against the wall).

Reason #3 to Choose This Product

If you need adjustable legs in order to ensure that the computer monitor is sitting at eye-level so that your eyes, neck, and back don’t strain when sitting at your computer for long periods of time (not all monitor stands have legs that are adjustable).

If you require a monitor stand that is able to hold 2 monitors, with lots of storage space underneath, adjustable legs, and a very minimalistic and modern design, then this is a fantastic choice for you. The reviews are glowing, with many people remarking that they love the look of the monitor stand, the space-saving features, and the adjustable height.

#4: Jelly Comb Computer Monitor Riser (Best Low Cost)

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The Jelly Comb Computer Monitor Riser, Foldable Computer Stand with Storage Drawer is an excellent choice for a minimalistic computer monitor stand if you are on a tighter budget. This model is available in a choice of either black or white to suit your style and decor.

It is compact and simple in its design and will not only save you a lot of space on your desk but it will look good too. With a clever adjustable feature, the width of the monitor stand can be changed using fold-in legs to 20.5 inches, 18.5 inches or 16.5 inches, so that you are able to easily customize your space to your needs. This monitor stand is made of strong, long-lasting ABS and metal parts and will hold the weight of computer monitors up to 55 lbs.

It also has a built-in storage drawer, phone/tablet holder, and plenty of space underneath to neatly store all of your extra bits and pieces for a clutter-free workspace. The smooth touch of this monitor stand makes it easy to simly wipe clean. The monitor stand dimensions are 17″ x 8″ x 3″.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product

If you need a durable monitor stand to help raise your computer monitor to eye-level and don’t want to spend a lot (other similar products are much more expensive ).

Reason #2 to Choose This Product

You require a monitor stand that has an easily adjustable width so that you can fit it perfectly into your space (other monitor stands don’t have the option for adjustable width).

Reason #3 to Choose This Product

You want a monitor stand with extra space-saving features such as the built-in drawers and phone/tablet holder to keep your items neat and out of the way (not all models have built-in storage drawers and holders).

If you are looking for a monitor stand that has a simple, modern, minimalistic design, that will raise your computer to a healthier eye-level, has extra storage features, and you don’t want to pay a high price, this is the monitor stand for you. The reviews of this product are excellent with people complimenting its hidden storage spaces and width adjustable features. A very few reviewers complained about the white option marking easily, which is inevitable when choosing white products compared to black ones.

#5: Amada HomeFurnishing Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser (Most Eco-Friendly)

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If you are looking for a minimalistic monitor stand that is good for the environment and an ergonomic design that is good for your health, the AMADA HOMEFURNISHING 23 Inch Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser – Eco-Friendly Storage Organizer is a fantastic choice. Your monitor screen will be elevated to 3.8 inches, setting your screen at a much more comfortable position and strain-free level for your eyes, back, and neck.

It made from beautiful, eco-friendly, and very durable bamboo and holds an impressive weight of up to 80 lbs. You can choose from a lovely natural bamboo color or a smart and elegant black color to suit your personal style and aesthetics.

A unique feature of this monitor stand is the carved-out spaces on the surface that are cleverly designed to make the most of your space by holding items such as pens, notebooks, a mug, and various other items. The 22.4-inch width of this monitor stand allows for most keyboards, including gaming keyboards to fit neatly underneath. This monitor stand is also easy to clean and assemble. The dimensions are 23.63″ x 11.81″ x 3.35″.

Reason #1 to Choose this Product

If you want an environmentally friendly monitor stand that is durable and pleasing to the eye (other monitor stands are not made from eco-friendly materials).

Reason #2 to Choose this Product

You need a strong, sturdy monitor desk stand that can withstand a very heavyweight of up to 80 lbs (other monitor stands cannot hold such a heavyweight).

Reason #3 to Choose this Product

You would like a choice of color and love the multiple indentations feature on the surface for extra storage and no space wasted (most stands don’t have a choice of color and this is the only one with special storage indents on the top surface).

If caring for the environment is important to you and you want a very strong, ergonomic, and minimalistic computer monitor stand with extra storage spaces, then this is a great option for you. The reviews of this monitor stand are fantastic, with many people saying that they love the look of it, its durability, and the extra storage spaces.

On a Budget? Try These:

#1 Budget: AmazonBasics Wood Monitor Stand

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The AmazonBasics Wood Monitor Stand, Computer Riser, Walnut is an Amazon’s Choice product, and a fabulous option if you love the natural look of a wood monitor stand at a great price. This wood monitor stand will lift your monitor to eye-level and create a more comfortable experience when using your computer.

Its simple, elegant, and minimalistic design has a beautiful, rich walnut grain finish and has enough surface space to fit your monitor screen and any extra items lying around your desk. It also has ample space underneath for your keyboard and anything else you wish to store out of sight.

In order to protect your desk from scratches and prevent the unit from moving and sliding, the monitor stand comes with 4 padded, anti-slide stickers. This stand can hold up to 35 lbs. and is easy to clean and maintain. The dimensions are 23.46″ L x 10.2″ W x 4.72″ H.

#2 Budget: HUANO Monitor Stand

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If you are looking for a height-adjustable monitor riser for a very reasonable price, the Amazon’s Choice HUANO Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Height and Storage Organizer is our top pick for the best minimalistic monitor stand under $30.

This stand has a modern, neat design and is made from MDF material and PVC film, which creates a strong and sturdy stand. It has a 44 lbs. weight capacity and will not buckle in the middle when weight is added to it.

For ergonomic viewing, this monitor riser has an amazing 4 different height positions: 1.5, 3, 4.3, and 5 inches, so you are sure to find your perfect height setting for you. It is easy to adjust the stand by adding or removing leg segments as required.

Another great feature of this monitor stand is that it has a long, narrow slot in the middle of the shelf that you can rest your phone, or tablet on, and alternatively the slot can be removed, making the hole a nifty cable organizer so that it can sit flush against a wall. The storage space underneath can also be used to store a keyboard or extra items to make your desk neat and tidy. The dimensions are 15.7″ x 11″ x 5.6″.

#3 Best Stand Under $25: Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand

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Another Amazon’s Choice product is the Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand, and this tantalizingly low-cost monitor stand does not disappoint. This simple, functional, and timeless design comes in 3 colors: black, pewter, and white, allowing you to express your personal taste.

It is constructed from steel and will give you a sturdy and durable monitor stand that will hold a weight of up to 30 lbs. Your monitor will be raised to eye-level and will take the extra strain off your eyes, back and neck, and prevent bad posture from bending down to look at a screen.

This compact design also gives you extra storage space beneath the shelf. A great feature of this product is that it has perforated holes that allow for breathability to help keep your electronics from overheating. It has non-slide protective feet that will prevent the stand from moving and scratching your desk. The dimensions are 14.5″ x 4″ x 11″.

Verdict: Your Best Monitor Stand

We are sure that any of the monitor stands mentioned above will delight you, but our pick for the best overall minimalist monitor stand is the Tribesigns 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle. This stand is so versatile that it is able to hold 1 to 3 monitors and is both length and angle adjustable, to fit all of your needs and spaces. There is also lots of extra storage room beneath the shelves to organize all your extra stuff. Its attractive, minimalistic, and elegant design will make anyone feel at ease in their workspace.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Jelly Comb Computer Monitor Riser, Foldable Computer Stand with Storage Drawer.

If you need a dual monitor stand, pick the VonHaus Large Curved Glass, Adjustable-Height, Multiple-Screen Riser.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly stand, pick the AMADA HOMEFURNISHING 23 inch Bamboo Monitor Stand Eco-Friendly Storage Organizer.

If you want to keep the spend under $25, pick the Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand.

Choosing the best minimalistic monitor stand is a very personal decision, but we feel confident that any of the stands listed above will give you a comfortable and organized workspace.

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