Google Docs: How to Create a Document Summary In Docs In May 2022

Summarizing your document can be useful for your readers. You can give a brief overview and recall important points. You don’t have to include it in your content because you can add a document summary in Google Docs.

Create a Document Summary In Docs

The document summary feature was introduced in early 2022 for Google Docs on the web. It’s coupled with the structure you can create using headings in your document. But the great thing is, you can use the summary on your own if you prefer.

Insert a summary of the document in Google Docs

Visit  Google Docs, log in and open your document. You should have the Document Outline icon in the top left, outside the edge of your document.

If you don’t see it, select View> Show Document Outline to view it.

Click the Document Outline icon and you have a dot at the top for Summary. On the right, click the plus sign. A text box appears in which to enter the summary.

When finished typing the summary, press Enter or Enter to save it. You will see a short message at the bottom of the screen that your summary has been saved.

While you can’t format the text inside the list box,  you can add a line space if you want. At the end of the line, hold down Shift and press Enter or Return.

To edit the summary at any time, move your cursor over it and click the Edit Summary (pencil) icon. In edit mode, the Summary box was outlined in blue.

To delete the summary, click the Edit Summary icon, remove all text in the box, and press Enter or Return to save it.

You can save space in your Google Doc by including its summary in this handy place. If you also use the outline, it’s a good introduction to your document.


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