How to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone In May 2022 [Step by Step]

Looking to delete your WhatsApp account? Here’s how to do the best without losing all your chats and the data associated with them.

What does deleting a WhatsApp account entail?

As WhatsApp states on its website, deleting the account has the following consequences:

  • deletion of the history of your messages and exchanges
  • delete all your whatsapp groups
  • delete any iCloud backup
  • removing the link between your WhatsApp account and your phone number
  • delete your phone number from all your WhatsApp contacts: they will therefore no longer see you on WhatsApp
  • no possible restoration of your account
  • deletion of all information linked to your account and shared with other companies from Facebook
  • the process of deleting account data from WhatsApp servers can take up to 90 days

How to back up WhatsApp data?

Before deleting your WhatsApp account, it may be a good idea to back up the data, especially the chats. For this, you can export your conversations one by one. Here’s how.

How to save a conversation

  • Meet in WhatsApp
  • There, on the desired conversation, swipe left and choose “Options”

It is also possible to go to the conversation options by entering the conversation, then pressing the name of the conversation at the top of the screen.

  • Then select “Export chat”
  • Choose with or without media

The sharing sheet then opens, and you can choose the export destination in .zip format. For example, if you choose “Save to Files” or to Dropbox, you can find the .zip file on your iCloud Drive (or Dropbox) cloud. The latter then contains a text file of the conversations and all the related media files, images, audio, PDF, etc. if you chose to attach them during the export.

Note that you can also choose Telegram as your destination at this point. As seen there in our tutorial “How to migrate your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram” , the WhatsApp conversation is then transposed into a new Telegram conversation or an already existing one.

Don’t forget to repeat the manipulation for each conversation you want to keep aside. Finally, choosing to save in Dropbox is, in our opinion, the most practical and universal solution since it allows you to easily find backup zip files on your iPhone or Mac/PC.

How to permanently delete your WhatsApp account?

  • Meet in WhatsApp
  • Choose the “Settings” tab at the bottom right of the screen
  • Go to “Account”
  • Do “Delete my account” before entering your phone number
  • Confirm the procedure by pressing “Delete my account”
  • WhatsApp normally asks you at this time to indicate a reason for deleting the account, it’s up to you to give in before confirming one last time

There you go, your WhatsApp account is completely deleted.


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