Google Meet will merge with Duo into a single video calling app

Google Meet will soon merge with Google Duo , the FaceTime-style video calling app developed by Mountain View. The surprising novelty was known through the Californian company, which aims to offer a more and better integrated communication experience.


As published by Google, the features of Meet will be gradually added to Duo starting in the coming weeks. And before the end of the year, the Google Duo app will be renamed Google Meet and will replace the current video conferencing platform app, which will eventually be discontinued.

In any case, it has been clarified that the version of Google Meet available today will continue to work without major problems while the transition occurs. “After the full implementation of the updates to the Duo app, users who open the original Meet app will be offered the option to use the new version,” Mountain View explained in its Help Center .

Without a doubt, we are facing a very interesting strategy by Google. And although it may seem otherwise, Duo will come out on top . While the app will lose its name when the merger with Google Meet is complete, it will retain all of its current features. This means that users will be able to continue taking advantage of it as before:


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