iOS 16: launch date, features, new features of the future Apple OS

Apple regularly releases new versions of its iOS operating system. The next should be iOS 16. Here is what we currently know about the new features or their launch date.

Every year, with the launch of the new generation of iPhone, Apple also releases a major new update to its iOS operating system. If patches are regularly offered, each time it is a more global overhaul with real innovations. iOS 16 should be no exception. Overview.

What is iOS 16?

iOS is the operating system developed by Apple for its various devices . It allows you to operate your iPhone, iPad etc. Based on Mac OS, regular iOS updates can be downloaded for free on your devices. Once the update is launched, everything is done automatically and without intervention on the device.

The first version of iOS was released in March 2008 with the introduction of the iPhone SDK. The latest, iOS 15 , was released on September 20, 2021 . Among the new features offered by the company are SharePlay, concentration modes and a new version of the Safari browser. Broadly, the focus was on three areas: privacy, digital well-being, and a more open ecosystem.

ios 16

What to expect for iOS 16? At the time of writing these lines, we rely mainly on small statements, leaks, rumors and projections. It is indeed next June, during the WWDC conference, that we should have all the information on the next version of iOS.

What do we know about the future operating system?

Apple often plays on two dimensions at once: equipment and operating software. However, we now know that the iPhone 14 should not have a notch. An evolution capable of directly impacting iOS 16. This leaves more room at the top of the iPhone.

Small aesthetic changes from a design point of view of the status bar are therefore to be expected . But nothing major according to journalist Mark Gruman of Bloomberg who confirmed that iOS 16 would not offer a visual overhaul , but small touches here and there on the interface.

The most passionate remember it, with the iPhone 13, we had rumors linked to a satellite communication system. But nothing went as planned. This could be in the program for the iPhone 14 and again this is a setting that could be integrated into iOS 16 .

Apple is expected to deeply embrace virtual reality and augmented reality starting in 2022, with the potential release of Apple Glass.

We know that the current iOS already includes many parameters related to this system. But, as the company led by Tim Cook accelerates in this area, iOS 16 should undoubtedly see the appearance of new features in this area.

Towards a boom in interactive widgets? For the moment, we are mainly talking about the design and the essential functionalities, but now the AI ​​should grow, as should the interactivity.

In any case, the iOS experience should experience a real revolution, like for Android 13 or Google and the integration of Material You. A user has uploaded a video that shows what it could look like on iOS 16.

Concretely, the screen could be split instead of “Always-on-display” . For the moment, this is still hypothetical since Apple likes to keep a deep control over the design and such an innovation would give a lot of leeway to Internet users.

The concentration mode will also be improved with more latitude for the user on the type of notification to mute once the mode is activated. This change will be part of a major update to the notification system , confirmed by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gruman.

In the area of ​​health and safety, iOS 16 will also bring an improvement to sleep mode (more in line with the watchOS version) as well as a tool to manage and scan medications. In addition, it seems that the Apple Watch crash detection tool (which calls the emergency services in the event of an accident) can also land on the iPhone.

Which devices will be compatible with iOS 16?

Unlike Android equipment for which updates are sometimes more difficult to offer due to equipment manufacturers, new versions of iOS often concern a very wide range of devices . However, they can sometimes be incompatible with certain models deemed too old. In this area, iOS 16 should be no exception.

The final information will only be known in a few months, but several iPhones and iPads are already excluded from the beta of iOS 16 which will be launched next June.

The non-compatible models for the iPhone are: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE 2016. Clearly, the A10 chip should therefore be the minimum required.

For iPad, iOS 16 will not be compatible with iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 6 and iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9 inch (2015). Finally, the iPod Touch 7 of 2019, the only one still compatible with iOS 15 should also be compatible with iOS 16.

Clearly, if your Apple device is not listed above, it should be compatible with iOS 16 . Of course, the iPhone 14, which should be launched at the end of the year, will be offered directly with iOS 16. You don’t have to worry about that.

What is the launch date of iOS 16?

When will we be able to enjoy iOS 16 on our Apple devices? For the moment, the details are not yet known with precision.

We should see this more clearly on the occasion of the Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for June 2022. This is the big meeting organized each year for the Apple brand. In theory, the beta version, designed for developers, will be offered after this one.

Then, the public beta version will officially see the light of day for customers who want to discover it in advance.

In the months that follow, Apple will, as usual, evolve iOS 16, by refining its operating system. Then, in September 2022, like every year, we should have the new operating system offered at the same time as the new iPhone models. 


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