Lofi FM: a free online Lo-Fi music player

If you are looking for sweet songs to relax or work in peace, I present to you today Lofi FM . This is an online music player from which you can listen to Lo-Fi music for free and unlimited. To learn more, I invite you to continue reading this article.


What is Lo-Fi Music?

“Lo-Fi” is short for “ low-fidelity ”. The term is used to describe a range of musical styles characterized by their low fidelity or poor sound quality.

This may be due to the use of simple, inexpensive equipment, or the performer deliberately choosing to produce a gritty, unpolished sound. While the term originated in the early 1990s as an alternative to mainstream pop music, Lo-Fi has evolved into a genre in its own right that now has many avid followers.

Early Lo-Fi music was recorded by artists who could not afford traditional recording studios or high-quality equipment.

As a result, they recorded their songs on personal tapes using cheap microphones and portable cassette players. This gave their recordings a sound with elements of noise and distortion which was later adopted by fans of underground music.

In recent years, digital recording technology has made it easier for artists to create low-fidelity recordings without expensive equipment. This has led to an explosion in popularity for Lo-Fi bands and artists, many of whom are now able to share their work online through streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

Lo-Fi music can be described as atmospheric and smooth, often featuring vintage synthesizers and tape effects. This genre is perfect for relaxation or concentration, making it a great choice for background noise or study sessions.

Where to listen to Lo-Fi music?

To listen to Lo-Fi music, several solutions are available to you. However, the ideal place to find Lo-Fi music is undoubtedly the famous YouTube platform. There are many channels specializing in this type of music. Among them are College Music , Lofi Girl , Lofi Fruits , Chill with Taiki and Lofi Vibes .

These YouTube channels all feature a great selection of old-school hip-hop songs remixed in a Lo-Fi style. But that’s not all ! You will also find Lo-Fi music with downtempo and chillout rhythms, perfect for relaxing or studying.

Another option for listening to Lo-Fi sounds is the SoundCloud music streaming platform. On the latter, you’ll find a ton of different artists and genres of Lo-Fi music.

Finally, you can also turn to Lofi FM, a free online Lo-Fi music player that I present to you without further ado.

Listen to Lo-Fi music for free and online on Lofi FM

Lofi FM is an online Lo-Fi music player which was developed by Kiran Venugopal, a Full Stack engineer from Alleppey in India. Lofi FM is an open-source web application based on the YouTube API. Therefore, all Lo-Fi music offered on the site comes from the YouTube platform.

As I write these few lines, Lofi FM offers 9 live streams offering different styles of Lo-Fi music to relax and unwind. You will also find playlists offering several hours of Lo-Fi music listening.

In addition, you can add the playlists to your favorites by clicking on the little star next to each of them. You will be able to find your favorite Lo-Fi music tracks from the “Starred” tab.

Finally, note that Lofi FM also allows you to import your favorite music from the YouTube platform. To do this, click on the “Add Song” tab, then paste the URL of the YouTube video, and click on “Add”.

Good listening ! 😎


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