How to migrate your WhatsApp chats to Telegram? [100% Working Guide]

Telegram is an interesting alternative to replace WhatsApp. The messaging application has also attracted many former users of the service belonging to Facebook since the latter implemented new conditions of use relating to private information in 2021, but also since it published on the ‘App Store all user data collected.

While WhatsApp has struggled to stem this exodus of users to more privacy-friendly solutions, Telegram has eased the transition with the addition of a handy feature for newcomers : import WhatsApp chats.

It is indeed possible, in a few actions, from your iPhone, to migrate your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram without even losing the included media. Here’s how.

How to migrate conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram on iPhone?

Please note: the manipulation is to be carried out conversation by conversation, there is currently no native functionality allowing all the conversations to be imported from one app to another at once. But the procedure is simple, as detailed below:

  • Go to WhatsApp first
  • There, on the desired conversation, swipe left and choose Options

It is also possible to go to the conversation options by entering the conversation, then pressing the name of the conversation at the top of the screen.

  • Then select “Export chat”
  • Choose with or without media
  • The sharing sheet then opens, and you have to get the Telegram app. This is either listed in the batch next to the AirDrop icon or to go to the very right via the “Plus” icon
  • Telegram then opens
  • You must decide to import the conversation into an existing group or a new group, before confirming

There you go, in the Telegram app, you will now find your old WhatsApp chat.

If you have created a new group, you will obviously have to invite the participants to the WhatsApp conversation in this new Telegram conversation.

Don’t forget to repeat the operation for each of your WhatsApp conversations to transfer.

That’s it, the first part of your WhatsApp to Telegram transition is done. We now advise you to completely delete your WhatsApp account and the information linked to it before putting the Facebook app in the trash permanently. See our tutorial: How to delete your WhatsApp account on iPhone?


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