Nothing Phone (1): not yet presented, a last leak gives us a lot of info

The start-up Nothing is today launching its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1). But we already know everything there is to know!

While the Nothing Phone will be presented later this afternoon, a leak reveals to us at the last moment all the information on this surprising smartphone.

nothing 1

A half-Chinese construction

A late-breaking leak shared the latest details about the Nothing Phone’s software. Its processor is a Snapdragon 778G+, as already announced by the company. The smartphone will ship Nothing OS (1), based on Android 12. A small downside: the processor will surely not be compatible with a more recent operating system in the future, and we will surely not be able to update the Nothing Phone (1) beyond Android 14.

We also know that the terminal is built by the Chinese BYD Electronics, which partially programmed its software. This last piece of information is a bit unexpected since Nothing was supposed to build its original software.

As for the camera, the Nothing Phone (1) has three sensors: two on the back (50-megapixel Sony IMX766 and 50-megapixel Samsung JN1) and one on the front (16-megapixel Sony IMX471). The device is assisted by an application that will allow HDR, beauty and macro modes, panorama, time-lapse…

An innovative design

The design of the Nothing Phone (1) remains its most surprising feature. The screen is an AMOLED FHD+ 120 Hz. On the back, the smartphone is covered with a transparent hard plastic through which you can see some elements of the smartphone. The same design was cleverly employed for Nothing’s ear(1) , where the construction hardware of the earbuds could be seen through a transparent shell.

Here, the back of the phone is also equipped with LEDs, a ”  belt of light  ” that gives notifications. 900 LEDs form a design on the back called the ”  Glyph interface  “. 

They light up without dazzling the user when they receive a notification or when the smartphone is charging wirelessly. You can control exactly which LED lights up for which notification in the interface, and even synchronize the LEDs with the rhythm of the phone’s ringtone. So you can know who is calling you just by looking at your phone.


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