NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 series: specs, release date and price

Long-awaited, the next-generation Nvidia graphics cards have gradually become clearer in recent weeks. Release date, features, price of the GeForce RTX 4000 series… We take stock of all the information that is already available today.


With the shortage of components, the high-tech sector is struggling somewhat to project itself effectively. Proof of this is these new Nvidia graphics cards, the GeForce RTX 4000 which stir up passions as they look particularly promising from a technical point of view. Here’s what we know about these new hardware monsters .

What release date for the GeForce RTX 4000 Series?

This is the big question for many people who are looking forward to these graphics cards. The initial hope seemed to be to see a release during the year 2021 but it is now impossible. Above all, it would not necessarily have made sense in relation to Nvidia’s logic. Over the past decade, the firm has almost always allowed two years to pass between each series of the graphics cards.

And since the announcement of the GeForce 30 range dates back to September 2020, we logically expect the next one to come out this year.

According to a tweet from Nvidia leaker kopite7kimi posted on May 15, 2022, the firm should launch its new series of graphics cards during the third quarter of 2022. Surprisingly, so far, we expected a release at the earliest. in September, around the same time as AMD’s rDNA 3 architecture. The next day, the leaker clarified his point by talking about a mid-July launch. Let’s be careful with these assertions, they may just be duds.

GeForce RTX 4000 spec sheet rumors

Like the previous generation of graphics card, Nvidia should in all likelihood offer a real technological leap forward with these new models . However, this remains at the stage of assumptions since the company does not make detailed comments and we owe the majority of the information to leaks, notably from the twitter accounts @greymon55 and @kopite7kimi.

Nvidia’s new architecture is called Ada Lovelace . According to leaker Greymon55, the graphics cards should also be in 5 nm and be engraved at TSMC. At present, Nvidia’s generation is engraved in 8 nm.

It is still unclear, however, whether they will be based on the standard node N5 or N4. Faced with the multiplication of sources, we can consider that this information is proven. The information was even confirmed directly by members of the Taiwanese factory where the chips are produced.

Benchmark and power of the GeForce RTX 4000 series

One should experience a real performance boost, even when compared to the RTX 3090 Ti. The alliance of the architecture and the 5 nm chip would allow this. The RTX 4090 could beat the computing speed of its sibling by far.

Indeed, a tweet from Kopite7kimi from April 29, 2022, explains that both AMD and NVIDIA are looking to get as close to 100 Teraflops as possible. Remember that an RTX 3090 Ti is at 40 Tflops and an AMD Radeon 6950 TXT is close to 24 Tflops. That would be a hell of a leap forward! At this stage, we have no benchmark to put in our mouths but records are likely to fall.

Still on the subject of the 4090, we would stay on the 24 GB of VRAM in GDDR6X of the RTX 3090 Ti. On the other hand, we would go from 10,752 CUDA cores clocked at 1.67 GHz to 18,432 clocked at 2.8 GHz! Regarding its energy consumption, several rumors advanced a necessary power of 600W, which is enormous. Kopite7kimi instead talks about 450W in a tweet posted on May 16, 2022. He adds that the RTX 4090 would offer twice the performance of the 3090.

The maximum

And despite this impressive progress, it’s not even the most powerful graphics card to expect. Indeed, we are waiting for the RTX 4090 Ti at the turn. According to a post from the same Twitter account dated April 27, 2022, Nvidia would work on a graphics card with 48 GB of VRAM and consumption of 900W! Enough to panic EDF and ridicule the competition on 3DMark.

In addition, the Chiphell Chinese forum was the scene of a new leak. This time it’s multiple photos of what’s believed to be the GeForce RTX 4090 Ti’s cooling system. In 2020, the forum had already seen leaked images regarding the RTX 3080 a month before its release.

To see more clearly, here are the characteristics expected of the Geforce RTX 40 series according to the rumors:

RTX4070 RTX4080 RTX-4090 RTX 4090 Ti
Architecture Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace
GPUs AD104-400 AD103 AD102-300 AD102
Number of cores 7680 10,752 18,432 18,432
VRAM 12GB G6 16GB G6X 24GB G6X G6X
Memory speed 18 Gbps N/C 21 Gbps 24 Gbps
PDT 300W 400W 450W 900W

Please note that this is not official yet. Reality may prove false to rumors and their craftsmen.

What price for GeForce RTX 4000 Series graphics cards?

As explained above, the release date is still far away and prices could also vary depending on the state of the market and shortages at the time of launch. But it is already possible to make some projections from the price of the GeForce RTX 30 series.

The official launch price of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 was $1,549, but the shortage has caused prices to soar, which easily reach between $1,800 and $2,500 these days. The technological revolution planned by the manufacturer could push the base price of the graphics card to a new low.


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