Starlink launches Fast Internet for RVs at $135 a month

SpaceX announced this week that it is launching a Starlink internet service option designed with RV owners in mind.

The company is launching an optional monthly fee of $ 25 for customers who wish to relocate their satellite dishes, CNBC’s Michael Sheetz first reported. The additional cost will be added to the Starlink base service price of $ 110 per month and will be billed in one-month increments. Users can suspend and restart the service at any time.

However, the company says the internet service will not be active while the RV is in motion and will be limited to “as needed in any destination where Starlink provides active coverage,” according to a press release.

“Starlink prioritizes network resources for users to their registered service address. When you take your Starlink to a new location, this priority could result in degraded service, particularly at times of peak usage or network congestion, ”SpaceX said, according to an email to customers obtained by CNBC.


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