What Is AMD Free Sync And What is AMD FreeSync for In 2022

FreeSync is a technology that is capable of adapting the image output of the graphics card with a monitor compatible with VRR technology. 

What Is AMD Free Sync

FreeSync is included in many monitors that have this variable bitrate feature capable of synchronizing the images displayed on the screen with those that the graphics card is capable of rendering to avoid well-known graphical errors such as overlapping images or (Screen Tearing) and flickering Images (Stuttering).

In this way, FreeSync achieves greater fluidity in the images displayed, even though the FPS rate is lower.

FreeSync technology has been developed by AMD and is open source, it was born in 2014 to compete against the proprietary technology of NVIDIA G-Sync

What Is AMD Free Sync And What is AMD FreeSync for In 2022

FreeSync has been adopted from a feature called Adaptive-Sync for auto-refresh over DisplayPort available in version 1.2a. It has also been possible to implement FreeSync in HDMI from version 1.2, the version of HDMI 2.1 already has its own VRR system.

Although AMD FreeSync technology has been developed by AMD, it is an open-source technology that can be used by anyone

It is true that it is optimized to work with your AMD Radeon graphics cards, but it can work with graphics from other brands without any problem. If you have an AMD card from approximately 2014 onwards, or an NVIDIA 10 series or higher graphics card, you can use AMD FreeSync technology as long as you have a compatible monitor

You will simply have to enable this option on your monitor and given its plug-and-play condition it will work automatically.

AMD FreeSync can work with refresh rates from 9 Hz to 240 Hz, so this technology is supported by monitors and televisions that have VRR and refresh rates up to 240 Hz.

Also, it is not only exclusive to PC but AMD FreeSync has also been brought to consoles and the latest Microsoft models can enjoy this technology:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox one s
  • Xbox one

Since 2014, AMD FreeSync has also been evolving and giving rise to new versions of this technology. 

They have also been improved with the new FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro, which add more demanding options to the previous technologies, obtaining more quality in the final result.

With FreeSync Premium we get at least a refresh rate of 120 Hz in a minimum FHD resolution. With FreeSync Premium Pro, HDR support is also added. AMD has a list of games that are compatible with the best of all FreeSync Premium Pro so you can have a stutter-free, stutter-free HDR experience.

What is AMD FreeSync for?

FreeSync is used to avoid annoying image cuts when you are playing, as well as to avoid image flickering that can appear when this function is not enabled

With FreeSync enabled you can get smoother images, but not only in games, it is also capable of improving the quality when you are watching a movie. In general, it synchronizes the image that comes out of the graph with the monitor to avoid this type of inconvenience.

Please enable AMD FreeSync or one of its variants for a better gaming experience. It does not matter if you need a higher FPS rate, up to 240 FPS can be achieved with FreeSync and your images will not be cut or there are so annoying flickers during the game. 

If you have FreeSync Premium Pro you will also be able to view images with a high dynamic range, which will further improve image quality.

You will also have a better experience when watching videos that require lower FPS rates, as it is capable of synchronizing the output of the GPU with the images displayed by the monitor, you will see your movies and videos with their original FPS rate for which they were created.


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