MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac: Which Apple Computer to Choose in 2022?

In 2022, Apple is expected to complete its transition to Apple Silicon chips. Do you want to buy your first Mac or renew your computer? In this guide, NYXDevices tells you which machine to turn to. Three Macs stand out.

In 2020, Apple initiated major changes for its Macs. After using Intel processors for 15 years, the Californian brand decided to design its own chips , inspired by those of the iPhone and iPad.

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More powerful than before, Macs now wake up instantly and, above all, consume much less energy. As a result, they have never been so interesting. In 2022, with the exception of the Mac Pro, the entire line now has Apple Silicon chips.

In this guide, NYXDevices has decided to present to you the three Macs that it thinks are the most interesting today. In a sometimes confusing range, these three computers really stand out (all use an Apple Silicon chip!). Note that we are primarily aimed at the general public. Professionals already know which machine to turn to.

MacBook Air M1: the reference computer

With its latest MacBook Air , Apple has arguably its best laptop ever. Long not as good as MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs are now just as powerful thanks to their Apple M1 chip .

For office automation, entertainment and social networks, we really do not see how to do better. The MacBook Air M1 has monster battery life, is ultraportable , and even packs enough powerto allow you to edit video (for consumer use of course, professionals who edit in 8K will need a more powerful computer).

Everything is nice with this MacBook (13.3-inch Retina screen, super comfortable Magic Keyboard, huge trackpad, etc.). Of course, and we imagine that you wouldn’t be reading us otherwise, it is intended for macOS enthusiasts. Only complaint: it only has two USB Type-C ports.

What about the MacBook Pro M1 , equipped with the same chip? In our opinion, this computer is just as excellent but does not justify its higher price.

The only differences are a slightly longer battery life, fans (which are almost useless, the M1 chip hardly heats up) and a Touch Bar above the keyboard, a technology that Apple itself has abandoned . You can opt for this computer if you prefer its design but, in the vast majority of cases, the MacBook Air seems to us a better deal.

MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max: a computer truly for the pros

There is hardly any hesitation if you are looking to buy a Mac for a creative profession (video, photo, sound…): the new MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro or M1 Max processor is your best ally.

Everything is high-end with these computers which, despite belonging to a popular range, are not really intended for the general public. The power they offer is such that only a tiny fraction of users will really need it, especially since these new machines are rather thick for laptops.

If you’re a fan of new technologies, these are the most complete Apple computers at the start of 2022. So you might be tempted by a MacBook Pro even if you don’t need it.

Apple offers its most powerful MacBook Pro in two formats, 14.2 and 16.2 inches . Both feature a mini-LED screen with a truly spectacular contrast ratio and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz (but with a notch 😢).

These computers have many ports, including three USB Type-C , one dedicated to MagSafe charging , one HDMI , one slot for SD cards and one dedicated to jacks ). Their Magic Keyboard is extremely nice, as is their giant trackpad.

In terms of performance, we have a new choice of several options. MacBook Pros equipped with an M1 Pro chip are already ultra-powerful, those equipped with an M1 Max chip are even more so.

We tend to think that those who need the most powerful chip already know it, the others really don’t. If you are hesitant, opt for the M1 Pro model.

ATTENTION: this computer should not be confused with the MacBook Pro M1, with an older design and performance equal to that of the MacBook Air). For even bigger needs, there’s also the Mac Studio, which is a desktop computer.

iMac M1 (24 inches): elegance at home

After having renewed a good part of its portable range with an M1 processor, Apple applied the same formula to its famous desktop computer: the iMac .

The manufacturer’s new all-in-one features the new in-house processor, but also a splendid 24-inch 4.5K screen (4,480 x 2,520 pixels) that will allow you to play, work or have fun with image quality quite incomparable on the market.

To avoid spoiling anything, this generous power is housed in a polished aesthetic machine with an extremely thin screen. The computer should blend in seamlessly with your interior décor thanks to its seven highly transparent colors. 

It is barely larger than a standard desktop screen and yet includes everything you need to offer an almost flawless experience. Its slight defect is to be a bit expensive in its basic version which only has 256 GB of storage and two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports (in USB-C). 

The most demanding users can upgrade to the higher version which offers 4 USB ports, and avoids juggling adapters.

What criteria should be taken into account to choose the right Mac?

What do Apple’s M1 chips bring?

As we said above, the switch to the M1 chip on the Apple range marks a real break . Computers equipped with these processors are often more powerful and efficient than their Intel counterparts.

Apple Silicon processors also allow laptops to wake up more quickly and provide them with formidable autonomy, far superior to the competition. Another bonus, Macs can natively run applications designed for iPhone and iPad.

Is buying an Intel Mac in 2022 a mistake?

Except in certain cases (Mac Pro for professional use for example), it seems to us that buying a Mac with an Intel chip in 2022 is not a good idea.

Apple Silicon chips offer so many advantages that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them, especially since Apple has already started to reserve some of its features for its in-house system.

Even if it means buying a Mac in 2022, you might as well invest in the future. M1 Macs will no doubt receive more updates and, logically, will age better.

New or Refurbished MacBook?

If you find a refurbished MacBook with an M1 chip, it may indeed be a bargain. On the other hand, if the computer you are interested in uses an Intel chip, be more careful.

A $700 Intel Mac might be less profitable in the long run than a $1,000 Apple Silicon Mac. It’s a matter of investing in the future. Also check the reliability of the seller.

The official Apple website for refurbished computers offers products worthy of new computers, others do not have this rigor.

How can I pay less for my Mac?

Let’s be honest, Macs are generally expensive. However, there may be some tricks. If you are a student for example, Apple and other resellers offer you up to 10% discount.

The Unidays portal presents all this. For others, it is best to favor resellers. Amazon and Fnac often give discounts, not Apple.

Touch Bar or butterfly keyboard?

A laptop is also a keyboard. And on this point, we must be vigilant with Apple. Until 2019, the manufacturer marketed computers equipped with a “butterfly keyboard” which tended to drop prematurely. None of the computers here have this system onboard, but if you’re looking beyond our guide, pay attention to this detail.

Some Macs also have a “Touch Bar”, this tactile zone at the top of the keyboard which allows you to control certain aspects of the computer dynamically. The functionality is nice but it is quite dispensable. Apple has also abandoned it with its latest MacBook Pro. None of the Macs in our selection have it.


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