WWDC 2022: 8 new things Apple won’t show off at the conference (Updated)

Update: New information from Mark Gurman supports the hypothesis that Apple should not announce anything tonight about the 13″ MacBook Pro. See details further down in the article.

We have seen what new Apple should present at its next event: the WWDC 2022 starting today with a highly anticipated conference .

Some of the products discussed show a greater or lesser degree of certainty that they will arrive. All the same, they all have their chance. On the other hand, concerning the list below, in our opinion, it is better not to bet a penny on an announcement made during the upcoming keynote about them.


As we know, for several years, the Californian firm has been working on a product related to the car . Long dubbed Project Titan, the latter is now more often referred to as Apple Car in articles that mention it.

apple car

But even though we regularly hear about patents, recruitment, car-related technologies at Apple, at this stage, it is still impossible for us to predict what form the final product will take. There has been talk in the past of an electric self-driving car, built entirely by Apple. Then the project would have experienced a turnaround a few years ago with the idea of ​​becoming only a service or software to be integrated with cars built by a third party. Recently, the hypothesis of the autonomous car produced by Apple has resurfaced, with an assembly carried out in collaboration with another manufacturer for the moment unknown.

Specialists have already gone there with a good heart to predict a date from which Apple would reveal its first intentions in terms of automobiles. The most recent analysis , signed Mark Gurman, gives the year 2025 as the deadline set by Apple internally for the launch of the Apple Car… Taking all these elements into account, we would therefore not bet on a presentation of the project during the next WWDC.

Apple Glass

Another big project reportedly underway at labs in Cupertino is Apple’s augmented reality glasses . Tim Cook has already expressed interest in augmented reality and virtual reality technologies on several occasions . And then the rumors and patents made public regularly mention advances in the design of augmented reality glasses at Apple.


Some analysts refer to Apple Glass as the last big thing in the Tim Cook era . Others have already established a potential schedule : helmet in 2022, glasses in 2025 and lenses in 2023. As explained in our article of probable announcements, we could be entitled to the presentation of an augmented reality helmet at WWDC this year. . On the other hand, for the glasses, we will have to wait a little longer, according to the elements available to us to date.

New MacBook Pro 13″

Mark Gurman, in his last newsletter on Sunday, June 5, said Apple was not planning an announcement for a new 13″ MacBook Pro for its WWDC 2022 keynote. However, the device is starting to date. Its latest version was released in November 2020. And if it came equipped with the Apple silicon M1 chip, just like the MacBook Air and the Mac mini, its renewal is long overdue with a switch to the M2 chip generation. Unfortunately, and in particular because of the production difficulties encountered by Apple’s suppliers located in China, it is better not to wait for a new generation of MacBook Pro 13″ for the moment. However, we could be entitled to it later in the year.

The changes would likely not be drastic. The biggest novelty would logically be the switch to a new Apple silicon chip. The machine could also accommodate a notch like the latest MacBook Pro 14 and 16″, without however completely changing the design.

New MacBook Pro 14 and 16″

For other more classic devices, you have to stick to the schedule of recent releases to try to see a little more clearly in Apple’s intentions. MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac and possibly Mac Pro should have their heyday on June 6th. On the other hand, MacBook Pro 14 and 16″ should be discreet at the same time . These date from October 2021. It therefore does not seem possible that Apple will renew them already in June, or even during the summer. The timing between two generations would then be much too short. We rather see these machines waiting for the release of potential new generation chips M2 Max, M2 Pro and M2 Ultra, maybe at the end of this year or next year more certainly.

iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods 4

Finally, you know it if you follow us regularly and if you are a devotee of Apple news, Tim Cook will not say a word about new iPhones and new Apple Watches during the upcoming WWDC conference. Indeed, these two products are generally renewed in the fall and presented during a conference usually taking place in September .

Regarding the AirPods, the classic version would probably not see an update before the end of 2022 or even next year, since the latest generation arrived on the market last October.

Hope for iPads?

Finally for the iPads, if we turn to the history of Apple, we realize that the tablets have rarely been the stars of the WWDC. It happened once: in 2017, with the presentation of the first 10.5″ Pro model and the second 12.9-inch Pro model. On the other hand, the last generation of Pro models dates from May 2021. It does not, therefore, seem impossible that the Californian firm will renew its range of iPad Pro during WWDC, perhaps with an M2 chip?

See you next June 6 , the date of the next Apple keynote, to see if we got it right or not.

What product are you particularly expecting for this WWDC 2022?

Please note that all this information is only assumptions and analyses based on the latest rumors and reports from market specialists.


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